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How Do Sober Living Homes Work?

Content What Is a Sober Living House? How Much Does Sober Living Communities Cost? Phony ‘Sober Living’ Homes in Arizona Target Vulnerable Native Americans Treatment Get help for alcoholism today. When you stay at a sober living home, you’re surrounded by others who are in recovery and understand the issues and problems that come with […]

Sober Living What is it like living in a Sober House?

Content Sober Living Houses vs. Halfway Houses What Are the Requirements to Get Into a Sober-Living Home? A Guide to Sober Living: What it is, Why, and How Rules & Regulations for Living in a Sober Living House What Is a Sober Living House? Family Support House members can attend meetings together, share relapse prevention […]

Reduce drug overdose deaths SU03 Healthy People 2030

Content Publications Employee Assistance Programs Goals of a Substance Abuse Treatment Plan The Matrix Model And, you should also consider setting a timeline for working the 12 Steps – for example, to work the steps within the first 18 months of your recovery. For example, if you are currently abusing drugs or alcohol, we encourage […]

Wet Brain From Alcohol All About Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

Content Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome Alcohol Detox and Rehab Treatment What Are the Early Symptoms of Wet Brain? Korsakoff Psychosis Learn More About Alcohol-Related Wet Brain at Northpoint Colorado Wet Brain: What Is It, What Are Stages, and Can it Be Avoided? Wet brain, or wet brain syndrome, is a slang term for the medical condition called […]